Chief Designer/ Model Teacher/ Young Scientist Forum


GNC Chief Designer Forum


Guidance, navigation and control (GNC) is the key technology for movement objects applied in aeronautics, astronautics, and marine. This forum invites five well-known Chief Designers from the fields of aeronautics, astronautics, and marine to share their good ideas to effectively solve any typical engineering and technical problems related to GNC in their research field. The wonderful presentation and on-site interaction of the front-line Chief Designers will reveal the philosophy and scientific principle contained in the GNC engineering innovation.




Name:Yingxun Wang

Affiliation:Beihang University




Forum Panelist (In alphabetical order by pinyin of last name)



Name:Yong Chen


Title:Current Status and Trends of Commercial Aircraft Navigation Control Systems




Name:Mingxi Wu

Affiliation:China North Industries Group Corporation Limited

Title:AI-driven Case Analysis




Name:Weiping Yang

Affiliation:AVIC Xi'an Flight Automatic Control Research Institute

Title:Research on Key Technologies for Autonomous Take-off and Landing of Large Aircraft




Name:Xin Zheng

Affiliation:China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Limited

Title:Development Statues and Prospects of Rotary Modulation Optical Inertial Navigation for Missiles


GNC National-level Model Teacher Forum


Education is to last for the scientific and technological innovation generations. The cultivation of innovative talents in the discipline of guidance, navigation and control (GNC) plays a significant role in the vigorous development of GNC in China. Aiming at the innovative education in the field of GNC, the GNC Model Teacher Forum is established in this conference. This forum invites three national model teachers to share the innovation patterns, concepts and methodologies in modern GNC education, as well as their valuable experience and understanding in educational practice.




Name:Tao Zhang

Affiliation:Tsinghua University





Forum Panelist (In alphabetical order by pinyin of last name)



Name:Shangchun Fan

Affiliation:Beihang University

Title:Establishing a Professional Course Ecosystem to Facilitate Outstanding Individual Achievement




Name:Hong Wang

Affiliation:Tsinghua University

Title:The Application and Exploration of AI in Digital Education




Name:Chenghui Zhang

Affiliation:Shandong University

Title:The Construction and Practice of an International, Diversified, and Intelligent Cultivating System for Innovative Talents in Automation Majors




GNC Young Scientist Forum 


Youth is the main force of scientific and technological innovation. In order to stimulate the creativity of young scientist in the field of guidance, navigation and control (GNC), this forum invites eight outstanding young scientists to discuss the research focus of frontier fields and key technologies in the field of GNC, which aiming to provide a scientific and technological example demonstration and a high-level GNC academic exchange platform to the young scientists.




Name:Bin Jiang

Affiliation:Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics





Forum Panelist (In alphabetical order by pinyin of last name)


Name:Cailian Chen

Affiliation:Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Title:Large-scale Time Sensitive Networking for Smart Aircraft Assembly and Testing






Name:Jinliang Ding

Affiliation:Northeastern University

Title:Control and Optimization of process Industries in the AI Era: Driven by Demand to Promote Intelligent Transformation






Name:Jun Luo

Affiliation:Chongqing University

Title:Navigation and Perception Technologies and Applications for Intelligent Unmanned Systems in Complex Scenarios






Name:Zhunga Liu

Affiliation:Northwestern Polytechnical University

Title:Multi-source Information Fusion for Target Recognition and Tracking






Name:Zehui Mao

Affiliation:Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Title:Collaborative Fault Diagnosis and Fault-Tolerant Control Technologies for Swarm Unmanned Systems






Name:Xin Xu

Affiliation:National University of Defense Technology

Title:Highly-Efficient Autonomous Learning for Intelligent Robots




Name:Bin Zhou

Affiliation:Harbin Institute of Technology

Title:Recent Developments on Prescribed-Time Control by Periodic Delayed Feedback