Plenary Speeches

(In alphabetical order by pinyin of last name)



Name: Jiancheng Fang(Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences )

Affiliation: Beihang University

Title: Ultra-high Sensitivity Extremely-weak Magnetic Field Science and Technology Infrastructure and Its Applications





Name: Weihua Gui(Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering)

Affiliation: Central South University

Title: Exploration and Reflection on Aircraft All-Electric Brake Control Technology





Name: Zongxia Jiao(Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering)

Affiliation: Beihang University

Title: Orinithopter Vector Control by Micro-Motion Mechanism






Name: Yaonan Wang(Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering)

Affiliation: Hunan University

Title: Perception, Control and Development Trend of Intelligent Unmanned Systems





Name: Qifeng Yu(Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Affiliation: National University of Defense Technology

Title: Aerospace Visual Navigation Technology and Applications




Name:Andrey Polyakov

Affiliation:Inria Centre of the University of Lille (France)

Title:Generalized Homogeneity in Quadrotor Control